ca. 9 month dancing lessons

You have been taking classes for some time and you regularly show up on the social dance floor. The basic lindy moves are familiar to you and you can dance triple step moves  properly at intermediate tempos up to 160bpm. Mixing 6- and 8-count variations is no problem for you. You are excited to learn new moves and want to improve on your lead/follow technique. You have heard about concepts like connection or musicality and you want to get better at it.


  • 5 hrs. Workshop with Agus & Maxi >Info<
  • 4 hrs. Workshop with Usch >Info<


>> The group Intermediate-Advanced is fully booked. <<

ca.  2 years dancing lessons

Social dancing is a weekly pass time for you and you find yourself creating new variations and interpreting music. You feel comfortable at faster tempos up to 190 bpm and you can adopt your dancing easily to people of different levels. You want to do more than just moves and styling and you want to work on advanced technique, musicality and improvisation.


  • 5 hrs. Workshop with Agus & Maxi >Info<
  • 4 hrs. Workshop with Usch >Info<


ca. 4 years dancing lessons

You are an experienced dancer who can lead/follow precisely even at high tempos. You are more concerned with the quality of your movement and a good connection to your partner than with the quantity of moves. At international workshops with auditions, you have already danced in the advanced level. You feel confident with your dancing and you know what is expected of you at this level. You love getting challenged with tricky rhythmic variations, advanced technique, musicality and partner dynamic exercises. You have good body awareness and you are able to reflect about your dancing.


  • 2,5 hrs. Workshop with Agus & Maxi >Info<

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